God speaks to me at the diner.

God has never had a direct conversation with me, but I know that He has spoken. Most of the time, I hear God’s conversation through small things, like a friend that I was thinking about who calls out of the blue,  something heard in a sermon that is related to my thoughts, or something I read that’s pertinent to a problem I am having.

But it was this time time that God had conversed with me that had a major effect on my life. It took a long time to admit that this was even a conversation from God, but as I surrendered to Him, I had to acknowledge His presence that day.

I was at a diner with my youngest son. I was playing around with my wedding ring, and left it on the table. After breakfast, I paid for our meals, and left. It was about 10 minutes later that I realized that I had left the ring on the table. I returned to the diner, only to find out that the waitress hadn’t seen it, and more than likely,  it had been thrown into the garbage.

My son and I checked around the table and the floor, and I dumpster dove for a half-hour or so, until I realized that the effort was futile. My son was extremely angry with me that I gave up when I did. I returned home, and confessed the loss of my ring to my wife.

About an hour later, my wife received a call. It was someone from the diner, asking for me. She called me on the road, and let me know that they called. I was in the area and returned to the diner. I was told that one of the owners of the diner used a powerful industrial magnet to search the dumpster, and was able to recover the ring.

It should not have taken a year, but now I realize how prophetic this event at the diner was. Me playing with my ring symbolized me taking chances with my marriage. The ring being swept up in the trash of the restaurant was our marriage being lost in the sea of garbage that I was involved in, the porn and the prostitutes. The searching in the dumpster was my own futile attempt to save the marriage on my own. The anger of my son symbolized all that I had hurt with my infidelity. The magnet symbolized my Higher Power, and it finding the ring was symbolic of the fact that only my Higher Power could save my marriage.

God does speak with us, we just need sometimes to figure out how to hear Him.

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