Fighting Your Addiction with the Power of Gratitude

I wrote a blog post about fear, the importance of fear to get you motivated to begin the fight against your addiction. I also focused on the transient nature of fear, and it’s reduced power once you are on the way to recovery. It’s important to find a replacement for the motivation lost when the fear subsides.

Perhaps the strongest positive emotion to keep your sobriety is gratitude. No matter how long you’ve been sober, you’re better off than you were when your addiction was active. As time passes, the benefits of sobriety grow, sometimes so subtly that they are not noticed. Only when you make an effort to look back, will you see that your sobriety has saved you money, kept you healthier, kept you out of jail, and most importantly improved the relationships in your life.

Unlike fear, gratitude is something that needs to be actively worked on to be maintained. Gratitude won’t exist if you don’t affirm it’s existence. As part of your everyday routine, I recommend that you do something to remind you of the blessings you’ve received since you decided to fight your addiction.

I heard somewhere that one way to do this is with a gratitude journal. In the journal, write about the things in your life you are grateful for, and review the journal whenever your gratitude is failing, or you are feeling weak.

For the religious, prayers of gratitude are another great way of remembering the blessings in your life.
Keep an attitude of gratitude

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