9 Signs You Are Addicted to Porn.

There’s absolutely some debate about whether there is such a thing as porn addiction, but not with me, and much of the science backs me up. Practically, think about the fact that pornography is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. The adult entertainment industry is at the forefront of new technologies, like virtual reality and robotics, to keep this money flowing.

I’m not going to debate in this post whether the adult entertainment industry should exist or not. That’s for another day. There are many people who seem to be able to view porn without it having a serious impact on their lives, at least externally, if not spiritually.

Some of the ways that porn could be affecting you in ways that indicate it’s a problem, or an addiction.

  1. Are you are losing friends and isolating from family because you are viewing porn?
  2. Are you are spending a large amount of time and/or money viewing porn, affecting your finances?
  3. Are you are substituting porn usage for other healthy activities?
  4. Are you are viewing and/or storing¬† porn on work computers, on library computers, any place where it’s obvious to most people that such usage is liable to get you caught?
  5. Are you are downloading large amounts of porn, just to have it handy?
  6. Does the porn you are viewing have to be of greater intensity, or more to the fringes,in order for you to be affected by it?
  7. Has your porn usage has graduated to other inappropriate, dangerous,  and possibly illegal activities, like hookups, unprotected sex, affairs, voyeurism, exhibitionism, or prostitution?
  8. Have you been arrested, fired or warned at work, or brought into civil litigation for activities related to porn?
  9. Are you unable to be aroused in healthy relationships because of your porn usage?
    If you can answer “Yes” to any one of these, you may have a problem. Multiple “Yes” answers are serious.¬† You should consider strongly seeing a knowledgeable counselor or attend a related 12 step meeting to start addressing this problem. If you can’t do it on your own, there are people who will help.